The Team at LMU Munich

Carmen Klinger, MSc

Research Associate & PhD candidate

Annika Hagge, BA, cand. med.

Research Associate & doctoral candidate

Johannes Donaubauer, MD

Research Associate & doctoral candidate

Theresa Mareis

Research Assistant & Doctoral Candidate

Johanna Wenderoth

Research Assistant and Project intern

The Team at University of Göttingen

Achim Spiller, Prof. Dr.

Chair of Marketing for Food and Agricultural Products

The Team at TUM

Michael Laxy, Prof. Dr.

Professor of Public Health and Prevention

Xiao Tan, BSc, MSc

Research associate and PhD candidate


Benjamin Hawkins, PhD, MSc

Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Dominic Lemken, Prof, PhD

Professor for Socioeconomics of Sustainable Nutrition, University of Bonn