Work Package 5

Stakeholder partnerships

Close collaboration between researchers, policy makers, civil society, businesses, and other stakeholders is essential for building a sustainable, inclusive, and health-promoting food system. In Work Package 5, we therefore work with a broad range of stakeholders, maximising the relevance and impact of our research for society at-large.

To support such collaborative efforts, we will develop a stakeholder map of Germany’s food system actors, charting key policy actors and their relevance for and stake in the overarching aim of fostering healthy and sustainable food environments. This will allow us and other researchers in the field to develop bespoke stakeholder engagement strategies and for stakeholders throughout the German food system to identify partners and allies, fostering the exchange of knowledge and ideas as well as coordination and collaboration.

In addition, we are partnering with the Munich Science Communication Lab, the Munich Public Health Film Festival, and other partners from civil society, government, and the media to share our work and promote discussions on sustainable food systems with the broader public.